Cooperation between Unicom and M-I SWACO"

16.08.2011 Новости завода

During the joint project of Unicom group and M-I SWACO on development of new equipment, the plant was visited by a representative of the Italian company "MANTOVANI & VECENTINI"(a Subsidiary of "M-I SWACO").

Mr. Lucio arrived to test the world's first sludge dewatering unit UMASH-01, assembled at the Unicom plant.
The tests were successful, in addition, the unit performed well in the far North and received certification from the "Russian Technical Supervision".

В weekend representative of "MANTOVANI & VICENTINI" visited the sights of the Sverdlovsk region:

  • the monastery "Ganina Yama"
  • monument " Europe-Asia"
  • mountain "devil's ancient Settlement"
  • Natural Park "Deer streams"

Cooperation of the companies proceeds successfully and fruitfully since 2010, new grandiose projects for 2012 are planned.