Completion of production and delivery of "silencing liquid preparation Unit with capacity of 200 m3 / day" for one of NOVATEK's divisions»

14.01.2015 Новости завода

The production and delivery of the "silencing fluid preparation Unit with a capacity of 200 m3/day" for one of NOVATEK's divisions has been completed.

In June 2014, the designers of our plant (on the basis of the terms of reference received from the customer) began designing. And already after 5 months, having passed all stages of production and ahead of the delivery schedule by 30 working days, the "Node" was successfully delivered to the city of Nadym and accepted by the Customer to the warehouse.

In total, approximately 600 tons of metal structures and components were shipped. For delivery of all "Knot" it was required to send 36 large-tonnage cars.

In February 2015, all components " Nodes "will be delivered to the construction site of the field, where the construction of this complex will begin under the control and with the help of technical specialists of LLC" ZNPO Unicom".