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Cleaning capacity (for complex preparation and purification of fluids and compositions)
1. Apointment

  • cleaning tank is used for washing and storage of drilling fluids, chemical reagents and various process fluids used in drilling wells.

Possible solutions and cleaning compositions

  • water-based solutions using the salts of different density
  • solutions of chemical reagents
  • various process liquids
  • compositions based on (gas condensate stable up to 80%, crude oil, diesel, gasoline)

2. Climatic performance

  • Operation in areas with a temperate climate with cold climates, GOST (State Standard) 16350-80, climatic design Cold Temperate Climate-1 according to GOST (State Standard) 15150-96 (-45 ... +45 C).

3. Advantages

  • in the manufacture of cleaning tank was used imported high-tech equipment from leading manufacturers, which allows you to achieve the best results cleaning mud.
  • collapsible container is equipped with a mud shelter tent, thanks to equipment and maintenance personnel is being protected from adverse climatic factors. Setting the drilling hiding in the operating position does not exceed 1:00.
  • Capacity can be equipped with different types of heating work bays, units and tent shelters, such as explosion-proof heaters from 3 to 11 kW, steam registers, heating cable, explosion-proof heater Ruffneck.
  • purification capacity may be used in the complex preparation and purification of drilling fluids and structures or autonomously
  • the location of all nodes tank cleaning in separate units on a single frame provides a high level of industrial safety, reliability, suitability and installation. With this setting is convenient in transportation to work site and in the service.

4. Anti-corrosion protection

  • internal processing capacity of the purification is performed Enamel ЭП-21 is a modified epoxy coal tar composition has a adhesion-inhibiting effect, which greatly increases the protective properties and increases the durability of the coating.
  • Enamel ЭП-21 has vlagohimstoykostyu. High and stable adhesion of the coating to the steel and other metals stored for a long period of time (ten years) in water (river, sea, radioactive water discharges), salt solutions, in the soil and oil.
  • High radiation resistance up to 107 Grey. Persistence in water radioactive solutions. Ability to deactivation.
  • Recommended ВНИИС Т (Engineering Oil and Gas Company - All-Union Scientific Research Institute for the construction and operation of pipelines) and НИИПХ (Federal Research and Production Center "Research Institute of Applied Chemistry") to protect steel structures and pipelines operating in adverse conditions.

Cleaning capacity БЕ-40.С

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