frac Tanks

For what

1. The purpose of frac tanks.

Fracturing tanks are designed for the preparation of gel and salt solutions and injection of process fluids (process water, gel solutions) aimed at improving oil recovery by fracturing (hydraulic fracturing) during the overhaul of wells.

2. Composition of fracturing capacity.

Tanks can be made both in horizontal execution (on a sledge, a frame or a tractor trailer-the chassis) and in vertical execution on the frame basis-the sledge. Different equipment is possible, depending on the customer's requirements. It is also possible to manufacture these containers in a insulated version (thermos).

3. Climatic design of hydraulic fracturing capacity.

Operating conditions correspond to macroclimatic regions I-II according to GOST 16350-80.

Climatic version - cold temperate climate, category of placement in case of operation I under GOST 15150-69.

Installation of continuous and uniform supply of proppant to the mixer during hydraulic fracturing on a mobile semi-trailer:

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