frac Tanks

For what

Capacity hydraulic fracturing technology designed for the preparation of gel and saline solutions and injection process fluids (water service, gel solutions) to increase oil recovery by hydraulic fracturing for workover. Tanks can be performed in either horizontal (sleigh rides, tractor trailer frame or chassis) and vertical design on the frame basis - sleigh. The possibility of different equipment, depending on customer requirements. It is also possible to manufacture these tanks insulated version (thermos).

To store the working fluid during fracturing, both vertical round and horizontal tanks on tractor trailers are used. Vertical tanks with a volume of 50-75 m3 can be heat-insulated, for operation in cold climatic conditions, since maintaining the temperature of the working fluid is very important when preparing the gel. To increase productivity, 3-4 intake nozzles are installed. The bottom of the tank has a slope toward the intake pipes, which provides an absolute emptying, and the elimination of freezing of the remaining working fluid.

Terms eskpluatatsii match climatic regions I - II according to GOST (State Standard) 16350-80.

Climatic version - Cold Temperate Climate, category I, in use in accordance with GOST (State Standard) 15150-69.

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