Receiving hayracks

For what

1. Purpose of the receiving bridge

•    Bridges is designed to foster the reception and delivery of pump-compressor pipes (PCP) and pump rods, submersible pumps during the repair and overhaul of wells
•    Working load, t: 40-80 (depending on modification).

2.Climatic design of the reception bridge

•    Operation in the conditions of macroclimatic areas I-II according to GOST 16350-80 at temperatures from "- 40C " to "+40C " C. climatic version-UHL, category of accommodation in operation I according to GOST 15150-69.

3. Advantages of receiving bridge

•    it is certified and meets the established quality standards and has a certificate of conformity no. CRY. MT40. B. 00237
•    provides the ability to adjust the bridges and racks in height provides compensation for the difference in the height of the Bush base and the fountain armature of the well
•    reduces the complexity of associated lifting and lowering operations
•    manufactured according to safety Regulations in the oil and gas industry (PB 08-624-03)
•    provides ease of installation, disassembly and transportation to the place of use
•    provides increased load capacity and eliminates the possibility of overturning due to the complete set of racks reinforced racks
•    on treadmills of bridges and racks, a prosechno-exhaust sheet is used, which facilitates the construction, makes the coating anti-slip, dirt does not accumulate on the working surface. This ensures maximum safety and convenience of work

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