Corporate news

Corporate news
10.06.2016 Birthday

Your 16th birthday, said the company "UNIKOM".

Traditional family sports festival was held June 5 at the stadium "Bichromate". The holiday was opened with a solemn line, which awarded the participants of the creative contest "the Sun shines Unique". After the lineup, the main, traditional event of the holiday took place – the final game of volleyball, the winner of which was the technical service team.

Leisure was organized not only for fans and finalists of the volleyball tournament. Everyone could take part in personal Championships in long jump, shot throwing, Darts, towns, obstacle course.

A team competition in the same sports was also organized. The children of the employees were not bored either: they had fun jumping on the trampoline, playing with soap bubbles, having fun with animators and aquagrimers.

The festival was closed by the line, where the results of the personal championship in various sports included in the program were announced.

Birthday went well, which contributed to the cohesive Team of the company, and, of course, good weather.

At the solemn line-up held at the plant, the best employees were awarded corporate awards: Honorary signs " 10 years for the benefit of the company "Unicom" and " 5 years for the benefit of the company "Unicom", as well as diplomas and letters of Thanks. Today, the number of employees with more than 5 years of experience is 34%, which is an indicator of stability, and most importantly-the result of the effectiveness of corporate policy.

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Every year, on April 28, in order to promote the prevention of accidents and diseases in the workplace around the world, the international labour organization (ILO) celebrates world labor day. As part of the events dedicated to this day, the plant "Unicom" held a competition on labor protection.

53 people took part in the competition. The competition consisted of two theoretical stages, including questions on labor protection, fire safety and first aid. According to the results of the first stage, 10 people reached the final of the competition.

The 1st place was taken by Dmitry Nurgayanovich Galiaskarov-extruder driver of the polymer products shop, who was awarded the title of "Winner of the competition on labor protection" and paid a one-time prize of 5000 rubles.

2 and 3 places were taken by Portnov Alexander A. welder shop Assembly and welding and Ataulin Ruslan Nadirovich the driver of the truck plant for production of chassis, which he was also paid a one-time award and awarded corporate gifts plant "UNIKOM".

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07 March 2016

March 6 at the ski base "Vigor" was held a traditional winter sports family holiday GC "Unicom", dedicated to the day of defender of the Fatherland and the international women's day, as well as ski relay, which was attended by 7 teams.

The results of the relay were summed up in the team and personal standings, for the prizes the participants were awarded medals, diplomas, as well as valuable prizes.

3rd place was taken by the team of the Assembly welding shop
2 place – the team of workshop for the production of chassis
1st place-team of Directors

By good tradition, all were treated to pancakes, sausages and hot tea.
All participants of the children's entertainment program received sweet gifts.

Despite the weather, the team spirit of the competition and positive attitude left the best impressions, parents and children received a charge of vivacity and good mood!

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6-7 October in Moscow in the framework of the international industrial exhibition Weldex 2015 was held the competition "Best welder 2015", which was attended by our company in the person of Tikhonov George Yurievich-electric welder shop Assembly welding, winner of the competition of professional skills among electric welders Of the company "Unicom" in 2015. (2nd place), the title of "Best welder" in 2014.

The contest "Best Welder 2015" in Moscow was held in three categories: manual arc welding MMA; argon arc welding non-consumable electrode TIG; semi-automatic welding MIG/MAG. There were 20 contestants in each category. Participation in the competition was attended by representatives of many industrial enterprises, such as: CJSC "New technologies" (Chelyabinsk); JSC "Metallurgical plant "Electrostal" (Elektrostal, Moscow region); ST " ALMAZTEKHMONTAZH "(Mirny); LLC " Quartz Group "(Omsk); JSC " Irkutskenergomontazh "(Irkutsk); JSC "Neftekamsk automobile plant" (Irkutsk). Neftekamsk, Republic of Bashkortostan); - LLC "SMIT-Yartsevo" (the town of Yartsevo, Smolensk region); OOO "Integrated Plant of pipe isolation" (Moscow) and others.

The contestants had to weld the most difficult seams for welding – ring seams on non-rotating joints of pipes with a diameter of 158 mm with a wall thickness of 4.5 mm. and in addition to demonstrating practical skills, they had to demonstrate knowledge in the theory of welding. Welder company "Unicom" took 4th place, gaining 55.08 points (with a maximum of 62.42 points)! The company successfully proved itself at the competition of the international level, and proved that welders of the enterprise-qualified specialists of the business.

Information about the contest (

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For the first time at the plant "Unicom" was held a competition of professional skills among electric and gas welders, timed to the professional holiday of the plant "day of machine Builder".

Of the 62 welders working in 4 workshops of the plant, 38 people took part in the competition. The competition consisted of two stages: theory, which included questions of welding technology, quality and safety and practical tasks. In the practical task, the contestants "cooked" the receiver and the front cheek of the rotary cart. Points in the practical task were awarded for the quality of manufacture, speed of work, the correctness of the technology of work, compliance with rules and regulations on labor protection.

1st place was taken by Prosvirnin Arkady Nikolaevich-electric and gas welder of the chassis production shop, who was awarded the title "Best welder of GC "Unicom " 2015", paid a one-time bonus of 10,000 rubles. and an additional monthly surcharge of 1,500 rubles. for the entire subsequent year of work.

2 and 3 places were taken by Tikhonov Georgy Yurievich and Galiaskarov Dmitry Nurgayanovich, electric and gas welder of the Assembly welding shop and polymer products shop, who were also paid one-time prizes and awarded corporate gifts of the plant "Unicom". All contestants of the practical task received sweet prizes and diplomas of participants.

Honoring the winners of the competition ended on September 25 at the solemn line dedicated to the"day of the machine Builder".

The competition was interesting, informative, motivating, team-building. Workers from different workshops shared their experience and showed their skills.

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In honor of the birthday of "Unicom" at the plant created an "open-air Museum", which presents the equipment produced by the Company.
To get acquainted with the Company and visit the "Museum" on the weekend of June, excursions were organized for relatives and children of employees of the plant. More than 30 young participants, and not only, visited the plant, watched a film about "Unicom", walked through the shops, held blanks, took pictures at the workplaces of fathers and mothers, sat in the chair of the General Director of the plant, received branded gifts and a lot of interesting impressions.
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Cheerful company workers "Unicom" got out on the nature to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the plant. Despite its relatively young age, the company has managed to establish itself in the market. General Director Alexey Solodovnikov congratulates employees on the overall success: "the Company has gained respect from its customers, respect for timely products, and this is the contribution of each of you."

For their contribution to a great cause employees are awarded diplomas. Elena makhneva works in" Unicom "for almost ten years, admits-during this time, the company has become native, and work here comfortably:" This is an enterprise in which it is very cozy and good to work, that is, a person spends most of his time at work, and work is almost his second home, for me "Unicom"is, indeed, the second home, we have a very friendly team".

And someone works at the enterprise from the very Foundation. Andrey Sdavilo is awarded a gold badge - for 15 years of experience at the plant. The man says-never thought about changing jobs, here, he says, confident in his future.

But in this life, in addition to work, you need to rest. Employees of "Unicum" several times a year like this massively go to nature and actively spend time, not only with colleagues, but also with family. The anniversary of "Unicom" is no exception. Today, children have fun with their parents. The older generation shows a positive example of how to work and spend leisure time.

"This is an element of corporate culture, the culture that helps us to solve all kinds of production issues, to organize a more stable team that can solve any issues that arise in the process of our WORK, "- says the General Director of LLC" Unicom " Alexey Solodovnikov.

To raise the mood of the guests, the guest artist creates cartoons. For lovers of active recreation is organized for the climbing area. And who is not afraid of climbs on the tower to get down there to bungee. Entertainment for every taste! The most desperate in the rain work as a team, driving a catamaran. As a result, the holiday is to the liking of all guests.