Corporate news

Corporate news
03.03.2014 Ski relay race 2014

On March 2, a traditional sports family holiday of employees of GC "UNICUM" was held, within which a ski relay race and seeing off the winter with eating pancakes and burning an effigy of Maslenitsa took place.

The results of the relay were summed up in the team and personal standings, for the prizes the participants were awarded medals, diplomas, as well as valuable prizes.

1st place was taken by the team of the workshop for the production of chassis
2 place – the team of workshop Assembly and welding
3rd place - the team of the Department of supply and transport sector

Positive attitude and beautiful weather left the best impressions of the past weekend, parents and children received a charge of vivacity and good mood!

Corporate news

Corporate news

In September 2013, we held a campaign " Let's do Good together!", initiated by Natalia Naumova, and collected funds for animals kept in the shelter of the Pervouralsky society for the protection of animals. We collected a little more than 2 thousand rubles, but these funds were able to buy something useful and visited the shelter for the transfer of our modest assistance.

We were met by the head of the Society Yulia Voronina, who showed us her Pets and told us about the activities of the Society.

Animals are happy to all who visit them, but they expect that they will definitely find their Man and their Home!

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New facts about Pervouralsk and its surroundings were described by Nina Akifyeva in her book "Iron caravans on Chusovaya", which reveals the most interesting moments of the history of the Urals. The book tells about how iron is floated on the Chusovaya river in the 18th and 19th centuries. "Iron caravans on Chusovaya" is a book-reconstruction, which is based on rare documents. Here for the first time memories of eyewitnesses of the alloy of Vladimir Lokhtin and Yakov Rogov are given. Each of the historical evidence is more than a hundred years old. Particularly noteworthy are the diaries of bilimbaevskaya Forester Fyodor Gileva, called "Chusovskaya boatmen".

For the historian and ethnographer Nina Giveaway this is the seventh book. The Unicom group of companies is taking part in the publication of books by this author for the second time. In 2012, the book "here Europe meets Asia" was published, which found its recognition not only among historians, but also among ordinary readers, and deserved a large number of positive responses. Nina Akifieva's works are already in the libraries of major universities in 196 countries, including the United States, Japan and serve to popularize the native culture and history, always causing deep appreciation of all participants of the project and genuine interest in the General readership.

Corporate news

From 11 to 14 July 2013, the management team of the company "Unicom" together with the company "adventure Guide" went rafting on the Usva river. Our fascinating journey began in the city of Pervouralsk, and the route lay to the village of Usva of the Perm region. What only cost one road. As they say " in Russia two troubles..."...

With honor having overcome the test of the road, we arrived at the recreation center "Usva". Having settled down and had a delicious lunch, we went to see the first natural attraction – "Devil's Hillfort" or "Stone city", or, as it is affectionately called by the locals, "Turtles". Stone city is truly amazing in its appearance. And, truth, as if fell in real city. Streets, houses, alleys, bridges. You can wander around this place for a long time. And the bright sun added color to the already beautiful place.

The next day our three-day rafting on the Usva river began. The Usva river is a right tributary of the Chusovaya. The river is very popular among rafting enthusiasts. Especially famous is the section from the village of Usva to the village of Cape. The most beautiful rocks are concentrated on it – Usva Pillars with the famous Devil's Finger, the stone Big Log, the stone of the Pool, etc. the Rocks, curving along the river, attract the eye, changing their image with each passing meter.

Positive attitude, beautiful weather and wonderful views left the best impressions of the last rafting, despite the difficulties that had to be overcome on the way.

This is the second corporate campaign-a motivational event aimed at strengthening team spirit and team cohesion. Corporate tourism is about discoveries, new experiences, and shared, dear memories. When all this is in the company, it becomes a real pleasure to work in it. Therefore, the "ticket to the expedition" is not just a real joy for employees, but also one of the forms of remuneration for excellent results in work.

Corporate news

June 7 plant "Unicom" celebrated "12+1" birthday

June 2 in the sports complex of JSC "Dinur" was a sports festival, the main event of which was the final game of volleyball, the second year in a row the administration team reaches the final, but again takes second place. In the tug of war, no one expected a surprise and everyone predicted victory for the repeated winner of this type of competition: the team of the motor transport section, but, to the surprise of many, a convincing victory was won by the sales service team, pulling easily and naturally to their side all rivals. Everyone took part in individual Championships in lifting weights, Darts, jumping rope, Hoop rotation. Children jumped on the trampoline, had fun with clowns, makeup artists, soap bubbles, balloons! Sets for creativity were received by all who participated in the children's drawing contest " Happy birthday, Unicom!»

On June 7, at the solemn line in honor of the "12+1" birthday, the results of the past year were summed up, plans for the current and future periods were announced, as well as 12 best and 1 "super" employees were awarded.

In the nomination "12 best", diplomas and nominal statuettes received:

  • Golub Maxim - mechanic of mechanical Assembly works of mechanical shop
  • Dmitry Smirnov-electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment of the Department of chief mechanic and power engineering
  • Olga Krapivina-controller
  • Mozzherin Alexander-electric and gas welder of Assembly welding shop
  • Hasanov Nasibulla-electric and gas welder of chassis production shop
  • Sergey Karpachev-painter of the painting area
  • Konstantin Chizhov-electric and gas welder of metal cutting section
  • Alexander gordopolov-design engineer
  • Potebenko Yuri – foreman Assembly and welding
  • Natalia Naumova-chief accountant
  • Anatoly Kuznetsov-sales service Manager
  • Vshivtseva Elena – the personnel Manager of Department on work with staff

"Super "-an employee, as well as a nominee in the category" 10 years together " - was Sergey Generalov-Director of supply.

For the first time this year, a passing pennant was established "the Best production unit of the year" and it was awarded to the Assembly-welding workshop in addition to a huge cake.

All winners of the sports festival held on the eve also received their awards.

Corporate news

March 3 at the stadium of JSC "Dinur" (village Dinas) was held the second winter relay 2013 for employees of GC "Unicom".

8 combined teams consisting of employees of divisions took part in the relay:

  1. "The expendables" (Workshop for production of chassis + dining room)
  2. «Tornado " (Assembly welding workshop + technical control Department)
  3. "One" (Machine shop)
  4. "Technosila" (the Technical service)
  5. "National supply service" (supply Department + Road section)
  6. "The only ones" (UPR + Waipu)
  7. "Brakes" (Department of the chief technologist + planning and administrative Bureau + metal cutting section + development Department)
  8. "Maximum" (sales Service + accounting + management)

The competition consisted of two parts. The first part is a biathlon, and the second is a relay race, which includes seven stages:

  1. «Ski sport»
  2. «Luge»
  3. «Shooting»
  4. "Tumbleweeds»
  5. "Winter Golf»
  6. «Horseback riding»
  7. "One for all-all for one»

Despite the fact that JSC "ZNPO Unicom" has a very friendly and cohesive team, the rivalry was at the limit. According to the results of two competitions the three leaders included:

  1. the command "Max»
  2. the team of "Technosila»
  3. team " the Expendables»

For prizes, participants were awarded medals, diplomas,and prizes. The winners of the winter relay of employees of GC "Unicom" 03.03.2013 was awarded the Cup.

Throughout the event, fun starts were held, and an entertainment program was organized for children.

In breaks between stages of competitions all participants of Spartakiad could be warmed by hot drinks and treats.