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09.06.2015 15 years of success

15 years of success. The Pervouralsk company "Unicom" celebrates its anniversary. It produces oilfield equipment. The enterprise, which started with a room in the hangar, now presents 6 modern workshops. Dynamic development, unique production and support of social projects-the company "Unicom" has something to be proud of. But the main thing is customers and partners, among them large Russian and foreign companies. In honor of the anniversary, their representatives visited the company and saw how it works.

This is not a business visit, but a meeting of old friends. On its anniversary, the plant "Unicom" invited representatives of 36 companies, both Russian and foreign. But here not only sharks of big business, but also the rector of the parish in the name of the Smolensk icon of the mother of God. Vladimir Gusev says that together with the management of the plant, he has been engaged in social projects for 12 years: "There are not so many such leaders - there are only a few. Those who first took care of their subordinates, and last of all they have equipped themselves with an office."

Unicom now employs 325 people. The Director of the enterprise - Alexey Solodovnikov-knows each of them. Says, "Unicom" is one big family, the motto of which is "If you are not interested in working, take the labor and make room!»

The plant now has 6 shops, which produce more than a hundred different types of products. But it all started with one room in the hangar, where only 5 people worked. Now this hangar turned into shop No. 1 where there is equipment for millions of dollars.

Guests are shown the entire production cycle of oilfield equipment. Over the years, Unicom has received more than 10 patents for inventions. Unique developments were created here, in the design Bureau. Now engineers are preparing to master technologies that are not yet in the Sverdlovsk region.

And there are no analogues of "Unicom" equipment not only in the region but also in the country. As, for example, it is a device called an extruder in the polymer shop. And this robotic complex at the production site of axes foreign colleagues are surprised to shoot on cell phones.

"This is really a unique equipment. I have visited many factories and have seen a lot of technologies. And this, I see, it is really reliable, "- said the representative of the Uzbek company "UzAuto Trailer" Alisher Khojibayev.

"If you look at everything that is being done here with your own eyes, you can say that it is not a shame to bring any President of any country here and show what the Russian Federation can do," says Vladimir Padalko, Director Of the Department of foreign relations and work with business councils of the CCI of the Russian Federation.

The pride of the plant "Unicom" - at the exhibition in the open air. This high-quality equipment is able to withstand the most severe weather and natural conditions.

The secret of success of Pervouralsky enterprise is, really, 15 years of hard work as Alexey Solodovnikov jokes-25 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now Pervouralsky plant cooperates with hundreds of different companies, among which - "Rosneft", "LUKOIL" and "TNK-BP" and many others.

"We believe that this is only the beginning of the way. And the success and what we have achieved today is only thanks to the hard work of the whole team", - emphasizes the General Director of LLC "Unicom" Alexey Solodovnikov.

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07.03.2015 Ski relay race 2015

On March 7, the traditional sports family holiday of employees of GC "Unicom", dedicated to the international women's day and the ski relay, dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the company, which was attended by 9 teams, took place.

The results of the relay were summed up in the team and personal standings, for the prizes the participants were awarded medals, diplomas, as well as valuable prizes.
1 place was taken by the team of Directors
2 place – the team of workshop for the production of chassis
3rd place-Assembly and welding shops

All participants of the contest of creative works in honor of March 8 also received gifts.

The team spirit of the competition, positive attitude and beautiful weather left the best impressions, parents and children received a charge of vivacity and good mood!

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GC "Unicom" became the official sponsor of the team "National team of Sverdlovsk region" / Pervouralsk/ bandy, which took part in the "III world Cup of bandy among veterans", held from 13 to 16 November 2014 in the Finnish city of Lappeenranta.

At the prestigious international sports forum among veterans of bandy were 16 teams (last year 12 teams participated). The geography of participants also expanded, compared to the last tournament for the first time teams from Sweden, the representation of teams from Russia increased to ten, two teams represented Finland and one Estonia, as well as traditionally the national team of the International bandy Federation (FIB).

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On October 29, 2014, the folk group "Shaitane" celebrated its 30th anniversary, to which the GC "Unicom" has been providing monthly sponsorship since 2010.

Over the years, the ensemble has won many prestigious awards. Spectacular number with household utensils, Ural quadrille, folk rituals and dances-not all that can demonstrate "Shaitan".

The team is focused on folk, native Russian creativity. Both costumes and repertoire send the viewer to the times of Shaitan-workers exiled to the Urals in the time of Demidov. As in the old days, these guys know how to caroling, lead dances and dance quadrille. Even games, which are more than one century old, cause interest and excitement among modern teenagers.

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On one of the beautiful Sunny autumn days – September 21, 2014., employees of the company "Unicom" together with their families and friends, visited the amazing Park "Bazhov places".

The guide led us through a wonderful forest with majestic ship pine trees, the age of which is estimated in centuries, a huge number of beaver dams, the inhabitants of which can not be seen during the day, but in their habitat a lot of fallen trees that beavers use in their buildings. Also on the territory of the Park there are places-illustrations from Bazhov's fairy tales. On our way we met a statue of an old woman in a blue dress-a fairy tale "Sinyushkin well", a model of a malachite mine- "Tayutkino mirror", a Golden snake- "About the great runner".

The top of our trip was the rock and the lake "talc stone" - one of the most beautiful, magical and interesting places from the route through the Park. In the mid-70s talc Stone was included in the lists of natural monuments of the Sverdlovsk region: geological, Botanical, historical and archaeological. Talc lake is an amazing lake, which is born not by nature, but by human economic activity.

We were lucky with the weather, it was warm and Sunny. Everyone had time to take pictures and take photos of natural beauty, breathe clean air and remember the wonderful tales of Bazhov, have lunch and relax in the gazebo and walk along the steep cliffs of the Stone. It is good that we have the opportunity to visit such places in our native land, to learn about life, history, culture, creativity, the living world that surrounds us. We all had a good time and were energized by nature.

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16.06.2014 Fourteenth birthday

On 7 June, the "UNIKOM" plant celebrated the fourteenth birthday

On June 11, at the solemn line in honor of the 14th birthday, the results of the past year were summed up, plans for the current and future periods were announced, and workers of labor dynasties were awarded.
Long known that the success of an enterprise depends not only the power of machines or shipments of finished products, but also the employees of the plant. At the same time, family dynasties are a special indicator of stability, in which experience and skills are passed from generation to generation. Labor dynasties have always been a sign of stability, strong corporate spirit of the enterprise, its social unity.

Linked by ties of kinship, employees try not to drop the honor of family, to "keep the brand". Hence-diligence, responsibility, diligence and integrity.

For 14 years of work the enterprise "Unicom" has grown significantly. Intensive development, stable performance, care for employees have borne fruit, and today there are already established dynasties among The company's employees. As a rule, a father or mother brings their children to the enterprises, this is a common situation, but there are also such examples when representatives of the older generation, looking at the young, join a friendly team. Now in Unicom from 330 people who work at the enterprise, 49-representatives of family labor dynasties.

Special words of respect as always awarded to the workers noted in the nomination "10 years together", their number is growing every year and has 11 people.

The passing pennant "Best production unit of the year" is awarded to the machine shop in addition to a huge cake.

All the winners of the sports festival held on the eve also received their awards, and the winners of the family relay were awarded on June 7 in the sports complex of JSC "Dinur". Children jumped on the trampoline, had fun with clowns, Aqua makeup, soap bubbles and balloons! Sports prizes were also given to everyone who took part in the children's drawing contest " Sport-health-Unicom!»

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28.05.2014 Day of businessman