news of factory

В апреле 2013г. специалистами  компании"УНИКОМ» разработана транспортная платформа габаритными размерами 22000х2000 мм грузоподъемностью 10000 кг.

Данная платформа предназначена для перевозки элементов конструкций при производстве локомотивов нового поколения, отличающихся повышенной экономичностью, высокими потребительскими, эксплуатационными и экологическими свойствами, таких как «Сапсан» и  «Ласточка», предназначенных для перевозки участников и гостей зимней олимпиады «СОЧИ-2014».

Corporate news

March 3 at the stadium of JSC "Dinur" (village Dinas) was held the second winter relay 2013 for employees of GC "Unicom".

8 combined teams consisting of employees of divisions took part in the relay:

  1. "The expendables" (Workshop for production of chassis + dining room)
  2. «Tornado " (Assembly welding workshop + technical control Department)
  3. "One" (Machine shop)
  4. "Technosila" (the Technical service)
  5. "National supply service" (supply Department + Road section)
  6. "The only ones" (UPR + Waipu)
  7. "Brakes" (Department of the chief technologist + planning and administrative Bureau + metal cutting section + development Department)
  8. "Maximum" (sales Service + accounting + management)

The competition consisted of two parts. The first part is a biathlon, and the second is a relay race, which includes seven stages:

  1. «Ski sport»
  2. «Luge»
  3. «Shooting»
  4. "Tumbleweeds»
  5. "Winter Golf»
  6. «Horseback riding»
  7. "One for all-all for one»

Despite the fact that JSC "ZNPO Unicom" has a very friendly and cohesive team, the rivalry was at the limit. According to the results of two competitions the three leaders included:

  1. the command "Max»
  2. the team of "Technosila»
  3. team " the Expendables»

For prizes, participants were awarded medals, diplomas,and prizes. The winners of the winter relay of employees of GC "Unicom" 03.03.2013 was awarded the Cup.

Throughout the event, fun starts were held, and an entertainment program was organized for children.

In breaks between stages of competitions all participants of Spartakiad could be warmed by hot drinks and treats.

news of factory

The Unicom company continues construction of shop No. 6. In October 2011, the design of the largest workshop with an area of 3400m2 was started, and construction work began in the summer of 2012.

On 30.04.2013 the completion of the construction of the building is scheduled, respectively, from 01.05.2013 it is planned to start finishing works, laying of engineering networks and installation of equipment.
Delivery of the object is scheduled for December 2013.

The Unicom company continues to develop in the direction of production of the oilfield equipment. The commissioning of the sixth, the largest workshop, will allow the plant to significantly increase production capacity, as well as reduce production times.

news of factory

In March 2013, the employees of Unicom, while working with key clients in the field of drilling, identified a great need for "Circulation cleaning systems".

Based on the results of detailed negotiations with the customer, the company's technical specialists developed a cleaning system that meets all technical and design requirements of this equipment.   

The circulating cleaning system is intended for cleaning of drilling mud from the drilled rock due to application of the equipment of the company "M-I SWACO", namely linear vibrating screen and hydrocyclone separator vibrating screen.

To date, all design work of this installation is completed and production has begun in the workshops of the plant.
At the moment, "Circulation cleaning system" is offered by "Unicom" for all enterprises engaged in drilling of large and small diameters.

Corporate news

On the eve of the holiday "international women's day" at our company was announced a creative competition on the theme " Bouquet for mom."

The competition was attended by employees of all divisions of GC "UNICUM" with their families. From the collected works an exhibition was organized.

The original works of children of different ages, from the youngest to adults, pleased all the workers who visited the exhibition with their brightness.

The winners, as well as all participants of the competition were awarded with valuable prizes.

Corporate news

Pervouralsky folk ensemble "Shaitane" took part in the international festival-competition "Festival Folclorico de Cataluna" in Spain

February 20, 2013 from Spain returned known far beyond his native Pervouralsk folk ensemble "Shaitane", which took part in the international festival-competition "Festival Folclorico de Cataluna".
As you know, participation in such events is quite expensive, so the head of the ensemble regularly asks for help from benefactors. This time was no exception. Sponsorship was once again provided by the management of GC "Unicom".

As a result, the ensemble returned from Spain with triumph and thanks to its assistants. The head of the ensemble Yuri Pogromsky expressed sincere gratitude to the sponsors for their assistance: "for strengthening international cultural ties, a great contribution to the creative education of the younger generation, for systematic donations to the team "Shaitane", which demonstrated the highest skill and talent to the European audience."

news of factory

Universal equipment has been developed and manufactured for the needs of the well overhaul enterprise stationed in the Udmurt Republic.

On the two-axle trailer chassis placed capacity: refilling capacity of 12 m3, gutter capacity of 6 m3 and tool shop.   This equipment allows to carry out various downhole operations.

The equipment executed in such complete set allows:

  • significantly save the customer's money;
  • involves reducing the time spent on the work.

Due to the fact that three types of equipment are combined on one chassis, CJSC "ZNPO Unicom" allows to significantly reduce transport costs.

Prototypes have already been sent for field testing.

CJSC "ZNPO Unicom" continues to develop in terms of modernization of equipment to provide the customer with high-tech equipment.