news of factory

The production and delivery of the "silencing fluid preparation Unit with a capacity of 200 m3/day" for one of NOVATEK's divisions has been completed.

In June 2014, the designers of our plant (on the basis of the terms of reference received from the customer) began designing. And already after 5 months, having passed all stages of production and ahead of the delivery schedule by 30 working days, the "Node" was successfully delivered to the city of Nadym and accepted by the Customer to the warehouse.

In total, approximately 600 tons of metal structures and components were shipped. For delivery of all "Knot" it was required to send 36 large-tonnage cars.

In February 2015, all components " Nodes "will be delivered to the construction site of the field, where the construction of this complex will begin under the control and with the help of technical specialists of LLC" ZNPO Unicom".

news of factory

Despite the negative attitude of a number of European countries to the Russian Federation, the imposition of sanctions, the halt in the construction of Mistral helicopter carriers for the needs of the Pacific fleet, Bulgaria's refusal to cooperate in the construction of the South stream gas pipeline, ZNPO Unicom LLC continues to integrate its equipment into the European market.

Based on excellent knowledge of the business, and having a number of strategic advantages over competitors, the company "Unicom" by the end of 2014. signed contracts for the supply of equipment for well repair with a number of European oil and gas companies.

Also at the request of our European partners, LLC "ZNPO Unicom" sent the available spare capacity of production to send the first batch of equipment in December 2014 and we will make every effort and justify the trust placed on us.

news of factory

From 19 to 21 November 2014 specialists Of the group of companies "UNICUM" took part in the international specialized exhibition "NIZHNEVARTOVSK. OIL. GAZ-2014".

At the stand of the company "Unicom" was presented the capacity of HDPE, made by a unique technology, extrusion method (a detailed description and advantages of tanks, we told in the previous news).

This development aroused great interest of visitors of the exhibition, the company's stand was visited by over a hundred representatives of different oil and oil service companies.

Corporate news

GC "Unicom" became the official sponsor of the team "National team of Sverdlovsk region" / Pervouralsk/ bandy, which took part in the "III world Cup of bandy among veterans", held from 13 to 16 November 2014 in the Finnish city of Lappeenranta.

At the prestigious international sports forum among veterans of bandy were 16 teams (last year 12 teams participated). The geography of participants also expanded, compared to the last tournament for the first time teams from Sweden, the representation of teams from Russia increased to ten, two teams represented Finland and one Estonia, as well as traditionally the national team of the International bandy Federation (FIB).

Corporate news

On October 29, 2014, the folk group "Shaitane" celebrated its 30th anniversary, to which the GC "Unicom" has been providing monthly sponsorship since 2010.

Over the years, the ensemble has won many prestigious awards. Spectacular number with household utensils, Ural quadrille, folk rituals and dances-not all that can demonstrate "Shaitan".

The team is focused on folk, native Russian creativity. Both costumes and repertoire send the viewer to the times of Shaitan-workers exiled to the Urals in the time of Demidov. As in the old days, these guys know how to caroling, lead dances and dance quadrille. Even games, which are more than one century old, cause interest and excitement among modern teenagers.

news of factory

In view of the significant interest of Oil (chemical)service industries and enterprises of the region of KHMAO-Yugra and YANAO, using capacitive equipment for storage, preparation and transportation of aggressive liquids, LLC "ZNPO Unicom" invites you to get acquainted with a new type of polyethylene containers for storage of aggressive liquids (including acids) at the specialized exhibition "Nizhnevartovsk. Oil. GAZ-2014 "19, 22 November from 10: 00 to 18: 00 at the address: Nizhnevartovsk, Lenin str., 7, "Palace of Arts".

For specialists, the capacity of technological ET 25 Will be presented.OP "Unicom" of low-pressure polyethylene (HDPE), made by a unique technology, extrusion method. On the eve of the exhibition, specialists of GC "Unicom" and partners conducted tests of containers manufactured by this technology in the field, where their advantages were revealed:

  • HDPE is chemically neutral, so the tanks are suitable for storage, preparation and transportation of acids, oils, diesel fuel and other corrosive liquids;
  • Have high ring rigidity (for capacity ø2m, volume 18m3-10 KN / m2), reliability, durability at operation in heavy conditions, including the Far North;
  • High impact strength, thanks to the cellular structure of the walls of the container, even at low temperatures provides resistance to damage, as well as resistance to ultraviolet radiation guarantee a long service life of the capacitive equipment without damaging the material and the appearance of " aging effect»;
  • Tanks made of three-layer polyethylene with a thermal conductivity coefficient (W / (m*K)) 100 times lower than that of steel have frost resistance up to-70C without loss of mechanical properties, and the applied technical solution in the manufacture of equipment (cellular wall design) allows the use of tanks and reservoirs in the far North, without additional insulation.
  • When using additional heating, electricity costs are much lower (for 25m3 capacity of HDPE enough 5kW, while for 25m3 capacity of metal requires up to 15kW);
  • HDPE has durability and resistance to destruction factors for more than 50 years;
  • In the capacity of HDPE excluded the formation of scale, so in the production process does not require additional filtration of liquids.

Thus, three-layer polyethylene tanks manufactured by ZNPO Unicom have significant advantages over similar tanks made of sheet metal of low-carbon steels, especially in terms of price-quality ratio and service life.

If you are interested in HDPE tanks, you can at any time convenient for you, visit the "Plant of oilfield Equipment Unicom" in Pervouralsk for the presentation of a new type of polyethylene tanks and familiarization with the products and technologies used at the Plant.

Our managers will tell you more about us by phone: (343) 304-64-64, or send applications to the address:

Corporate news

On one of the beautiful Sunny autumn days – September 21, 2014., employees of the company "Unicom" together with their families and friends, visited the amazing Park "Bazhov places".

The guide led us through a wonderful forest with majestic ship pine trees, the age of which is estimated in centuries, a huge number of beaver dams, the inhabitants of which can not be seen during the day, but in their habitat a lot of fallen trees that beavers use in their buildings. Also on the territory of the Park there are places-illustrations from Bazhov's fairy tales. On our way we met a statue of an old woman in a blue dress-a fairy tale "Sinyushkin well", a model of a malachite mine- "Tayutkino mirror", a Golden snake- "About the great runner".

The top of our trip was the rock and the lake "talc stone" - one of the most beautiful, magical and interesting places from the route through the Park. In the mid-70s talc Stone was included in the lists of natural monuments of the Sverdlovsk region: geological, Botanical, historical and archaeological. Talc lake is an amazing lake, which is born not by nature, but by human economic activity.

We were lucky with the weather, it was warm and Sunny. Everyone had time to take pictures and take photos of natural beauty, breathe clean air and remember the wonderful tales of Bazhov, have lunch and relax in the gazebo and walk along the steep cliffs of the Stone. It is good that we have the opportunity to visit such places in our native land, to learn about life, history, culture, creativity, the living world that surrounds us. We all had a good time and were energized by nature.