news of factory

news of factory

On the eve of the 13th anniversary of the company "Unicom", we summed up the results of our activities.

Our experience and our aspirations allow us to be leaders in our industry.
Now "Unicom" is:

  • 6 production shops with a total area of more than 10 000 m2;
  • The total area of the occupied territory is 45 000 m2;
  • Park of Metalworking equipment 100 units;
  • Vehicle fleet more than 15 units;
  • Production of more than 100 types of the most modern equipment for the oil and gas industry;
  • The number of personnel exceeds 400 people

      The company "Unicom" highlights the main objectives of the activity:

  1. Improving the quality of products.
  2. Modernization of the existing nomenclature.
  3. Release of new products
  4. Improvement of technological processes.
  5. Strengthening team spirit and corporate culture.

      Also, the company "Unicom" is actively involved in charitable activities, supporting children's creative teams, pensioners and low-income citizens:

  • The company took over the payment of utility bills of the Association of pensioners "Island of good Hope".
  • Taking care of the development of sports and culture in our city, we help:
  • Children's folklore collective "Shaitan»
  • The Junior school Cycling
  • Church in the name of the icon of the Smolensk mother of God, which has a Sunday school and children's TV Studio

Unicom is stability and confidence in the future. It is a modern production and own unique developments.
Unicom is a fair and honest relationship in a team of like-minded people.
Unicom is professional growth and development. Your experience and skills grow with the company. It is a day-to-day concern for the well-being of employees and their families.
Unicom is an active social activity and constant support of children and pensioners, culture and sports. We are not indifferent to the needy.

news of factory

В апреле 2013г. специалистами  компании"УНИКОМ» разработана транспортная платформа габаритными размерами 22000х2000 мм грузоподъемностью 10000 кг.

Данная платформа предназначена для перевозки элементов конструкций при производстве локомотивов нового поколения, отличающихся повышенной экономичностью, высокими потребительскими, эксплуатационными и экологическими свойствами, таких как «Сапсан» и  «Ласточка», предназначенных для перевозки участников и гостей зимней олимпиады «СОЧИ-2014».

news of factory

The Unicom company continues construction of shop No. 6. In October 2011, the design of the largest workshop with an area of 3400m2 was started, and construction work began in the summer of 2012.

On 30.04.2013 the completion of the construction of the building is scheduled, respectively, from 01.05.2013 it is planned to start finishing works, laying of engineering networks and installation of equipment.
Delivery of the object is scheduled for December 2013.

The Unicom company continues to develop in the direction of production of the oilfield equipment. The commissioning of the sixth, the largest workshop, will allow the plant to significantly increase production capacity, as well as reduce production times.

news of factory

In March 2013, the employees of Unicom, while working with key clients in the field of drilling, identified a great need for "Circulation cleaning systems".

Based on the results of detailed negotiations with the customer, the company's technical specialists developed a cleaning system that meets all technical and design requirements of this equipment.   

The circulating cleaning system is intended for cleaning of drilling mud from the drilled rock due to application of the equipment of the company "M-I SWACO", namely linear vibrating screen and hydrocyclone separator vibrating screen.

To date, all design work of this installation is completed and production has begun in the workshops of the plant.
At the moment, "Circulation cleaning system" is offered by "Unicom" for all enterprises engaged in drilling of large and small diameters.

news of factory

Universal equipment has been developed and manufactured for the needs of the well overhaul enterprise stationed in the Udmurt Republic.

On the two-axle trailer chassis placed capacity: refilling capacity of 12 m3, gutter capacity of 6 m3 and tool shop.   This equipment allows to carry out various downhole operations.

The equipment executed in such complete set allows:

  • significantly save the customer's money;
  • involves reducing the time spent on the work.

Due to the fact that three types of equipment are combined on one chassis, CJSC "ZNPO Unicom" allows to significantly reduce transport costs.

Prototypes have already been sent for field testing.

CJSC "ZNPO Unicom" continues to develop in terms of modernization of equipment to provide the customer with high-tech equipment.

news of factory

CJSC "ZNPO Unicom" in October 2012 held another presentation of the steam generator set. This time a steam generator set based on the all-wheel drive GAZ 33086 was presented. The demonstration of the equipment was carried out at the production sites of well overhaul enterprises in the Volgograd region and in the city of Saratov.

During the presentation, a test was successfully carried out to clean oilfield equipment from paraffin and fuel oil deposits. Invited to the presentation of oilfield service enterprises were clearly demonstrated the capabilities of the steam generator set, ease of maintenance and the economic component of the work of this CCGT. As a result of the negotiations, contracts were concluded with several enterprises for the supply of steam generator sets.

news of factory

Company ZAO "ZNPO UNIKOM" continues the development of partnership relations with the CIS countries.   During a series of events in July 2012, a contract was signed for the supply of more than 80 units of equipment for JSC "RD "KazMunayGas". Despite significant volumes and limited terms, the company has faithfully fulfilled all obligations for the supply of equipment.

Thus, the plant has confidently consolidated its position in Kazakhstan as a reliable supplier of quality equipment for oilfield organizations. At the moment CJSC "ZNPO Unicom" is negotiating with more than 50 companies in Kazakhstan. A number of activities aimed at developing partnerships with oilfield service companies in Belarus and Ukraine are planned.

The company invites you to mutually beneficial cooperation. Today CJSC ZNPO Unicom offers the clients a wide choice of the reliable equipment for the oil and gas extracting enterprises, the help in development of essentially new equipment, its production.